Conference Website - Moral Responsibility 2010

Moral Responsibility: Analytic Approaches, Substantive Accounts and Case Studies

Monday and Tuesday 18-19 October 2010

KANTL, Ghent, Belgium

Moral responsibility is inescapable. All the more vexing, then, is that the very notion of moral responsibility continues to puzzle us. The issue of moral responsibility is far from a monolithic one. Rather, the precise definition of the problem and the corresponding set of possible approaches vary with, e.g., the level of abstraction, the domain of application, the meta-philosophical context, the theoretical desiderata, etc.

The purpose of this conference is to encourage and facilitate the productive interaction between these very different approaches, especially between (1) conceptual analyses and explications of moral responsibility and related notions, (2) substantive accounts, often based on rival sets of, e.g., social, political and religious belief systems, and (3) case studies in, e.g., biomedical, business, environmental, sexual and research ethics, or, e.g., relating to crimes against humanity, international politics and intervention, etc.

Plenary Speakers: Bob Brecher (Brighton University), Pekka Mäkela (University of Helsinki), Paul Russell (University of British Columbia), Maureen Sie (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

The conference is organized and hosted by the Center for Ethics & Value Inquiry (CEVI), Ghent University, in collaboration with the Centre for Research Ethics and Ethical Deliberation (CREED, Edge Hill University) and the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE, University of Brighton).

The conference is organized with the generous support of the Research Foundation Flanders – FWO and the Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde (Royal Academy for Dutch Language and Literature).

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