CEVI-WP 06-02

On global ethics as an action-directed research discipline
M.S.R. Commers


The author takes the post-communist socio-political scene as the background for the ‘ethicization’ of globalization phenomena.

Within this global context, the signifying idea of a ‘New World Agenda’ was produced in international organizations such as the UNESCO and UNO. He takes the 1995 UNESCO Report on man’s creative diversity as an example. He explores the discourse on two views of development, and the resulting quest for a ‘global ethic’. Finally he tries to understand what ‘global ethics’ as a research discipline stands for, emphasizing the signifying building blocks of the ‘global ethic’ discourse, with the aim to delineate a ‘global ethics’ research program.

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Published in Marburger Philosophen Forum / Beiträge zur geistigen Situation der Gegenwart,  jg 8 (2007), Heft 1 (Essays).